• amanm44 

Most people significantly overpay for their health insurance. The problem is that there are many different providers offering lots of different types of policy.
The difficulty is finding the cheapest ones, because the prices can really differ significantly from company to company. Most people will look at one or two different options and then get quotes, make a quick comparison and then go for the best one that they’ve got.

To do much more is generally too difficult and takes too much effort. However, thanks to recent developments there is now a way for users to search through the entire marketplace, in just a few minutes. This means they can get quotes from all the providers that offer the specific type of policy that they are looking for and then compare them all.

It basically means that people can always ensure that they are getting the best deal that is out there. No stone is left unturned.
To do this a user goes to what is effectively a price comparison website. They then put in a few of their details specifying things like state and policy type. Then the search engines of the price comparison sites go and search through all the possible options in the industry.

It’s quick and free, so basically at the very least, people lose nothing by trying. However, to ensure the maximum savings, people must use an independent price comparison site.
Some comparisons sites have affiliations to certain sets of insurance providers and so can only get quotes from a limited amount of companies. The affiliations are not always apparent on the sites and when this is the case the savings are always much less.